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It's about quality of life, and these words from one SPBC member express the quality we share as a family of riders.
"After nearly 40 years of riding in other parts of the country I never had ridden with groups much. I guess those few times I had I did not feel particularly welcomed.
"When I first moved to Florida a couple of years ago, I joined the St. Pete Bike Club not so much to ride but to meet people. The best way to do that was to join the daily group rides and the coffee klatch afterwards. But I fully intended to return to solo riding once I met some folks.
"I was not a particularly strong rider, but that didn't concern those I rode with. They were helpful, supportive and non-judgmental. I learned a lot. And there were plenty of opportunities to push myself. I also found that group riding seemed safer. It's hard for motorists not to notice anywhere from five to 50 cyclists riding together.
"SPBC also was welcoming to new ideas and passionate about safety and advocating for riders, so I know with my small membership dues I'd have a chance to contribute as well as benefit.

"Soon the idea of returning to solo riding was behind me. I enjoy the camaraderie both during and after the rides. That coffee klatch is now part of my daily routine (and isn't it great that this can be done outdoors year around!)"

Why wouldn't YOU want to be a part of such a great group?
Please consider joining the St Pete Bicycle Club!

St. Petersburg Bicycle Club, Inc.

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The St. Petersburg Bicycle Club, Inc. (SPBC) is a non-profit, social and recreational club that exists to promote safe, satisfying bicycling opportunities to both club members and the general public of all ages and skill levels, through planned activities and events.

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